What You Need for Your First Horseback Riding Lesson

Horseback riding is a great activity to learn that can simply be taken on as a hobby or lead to competing down the road. If you are considering getting a horse of your own, it is a good idea to take horseback riding lessons ahead of time so you can learn how to best train and bond with them. In addition to finding a great trainer that can show you the ropes, the right equipment is essential for making your experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

  1. Appropriate Clothing

While you don’t necessarily need to wear specialty clothing every time you get on a horse, it is important to wear comfortable clothes that will help prevent chafing while you ride. If you can find equestrian apparel for sale, it is a good idea to purchase a pair of riding pants, breeches, or Western jeans. Wear a comfortable, breathable shirt that isn’t too long. If you will be riding in cold or rainy weather, you need a riding jacket designed to fit over the saddle.


  1. Proper Footwear

 It is important to find footwear that provides traction in the stirrup and protects your foot if stepped on by a horse. Depending on your style, you can wear cowboy boots designed for riding or paddock boots with half chaps.


  1. Protective Helmet

 If you don’t want to have to share a helmet with other riders at the training facility, it is a good idea to pick up your own. Find a comfortable equestrian helmet that will protect your head in case of a fall.


  1. Riding Gloves

 While some riders prefer not to wear gloves, a good pair of riding gloves can help you get a better grip on the reins and prevent chafing. Gloves are also useful for keeping your hands warm when riding in cold weather.


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