The Ultimate Gift Guide for New Cats

Isn’t it exciting to bring a new kitty in the house? Kittens are little furbabies full of energy and playfulness. Everyone loves cuddling them and pampering them with all the goodies there is. But these feisty little creatures grow very quickly and before you know they are adults. To make the most of your years together, make sure your kitty has everything needed. But before you consider adopting a kitty, consult a Virginia Beach veterinary hospital doctor to make an informed decision.

So, let’s see how to prepare your house for a new arrival.


Litter boxes come in different sizes and ranges. You will find litter boxes as simple as a plastic tray to something with automatic poop handler. Choose the one that fits your budget and serves the purpose.

But getting a litter box is not enough. What goes in the litter box is as essential as anything. If you find your cat refusing to get into the litter box, consider using litter from another brand.


Cats like a place of their own to have alone and private time. Cats prefer sleeping in a cozy and comfy bed. Like litter box, cat bed comes in all size and shape. Buy your cat a warm and soft bed where it can lay all relaxed. Most cats enjoy a nest shaped bed while others prefer a simple pillow-like bed.

Although your cat may prefer snuggling on your bed, keep a bed of her own for later use.


Cats like scratching on everything they find good enough to scratch. You might have caught your cat digging her claws on your couch and sofas. But do you know why they do so? Well, it is their natural tendency. So, they will scratch no matter what you do?

But if you find it hard to control the scratching behavior of your cat, don’t hesitate to bring her to pet care veterinary hospital Virginia Beach VA for behavioral training.


Of course, when preparing for your cat’s arrival, buy them water and food bowl. Be a smart pet parent and buy the stainless steel bowls as they are easy to clean. But keep away from plastic bowls as they host bacteria that cause feline acne.

Make sure the bowl is shallow enough for small kittens to reach the food.


Cats are energetic beasts who like being on their paws all times. Kittens are playful creatures who will find fun in anything and everything dangling and moving. Toys can help your cat develop mentally and physically. Invest your money in buying interesting toys that stimulate their senses. No doubt, cat toys are expensive, but you can fashion cool cat toys yourself. The internet is filled with DIY cat toys tutorials, which can be a fun thing to do.  Find out what your cat loved doing the most and then buy him toys. But keep in mind to avoid buying toys that are small in size and sharp. Such toys can get choking in the cat’s throat.


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