Cats With Arthritis

Outdated age arthritis (or osteoarthritis) is a rapidly growing area of feline medicine. Different crucial components in sustaining the health of an arthritic cat include feeding a balanced, species-applicable food plan ; avoiding unnecessary re-vaccinations (titer as a substitute); and providing her with loads of alternatives to be physically active throughout her life (interactive play periods are wonderful).

They normally include mixtures of important fatty acids (EFAs) that are designed to scale back irritation, and glycosaminoglycans (corresponding to glucosamine and chondroitin) which might be the ‘building blocks’ of the cartilage in the joint and designed to enhance cartilage high quality.

If there may be any uncertainty, your vet may counsel taking X-rays of the joints, however this isn’t all the time needed, and in some circumstances if the prognosis is uncertain a simple path treatment (with anti-inflammatory medication) may be used.

Because many cats’ solely form of exercise is strolling to and from the food bowl, carrying your cat’s bowl round the home at meal occasions (prompting her to follow you) and permitting her a bite of meals every lap around the home gives an excellent solution to “move and eat,” which helps keep joint range of motion and suppleness.Cat ArthritisCat Arthritis

It is best to bring your kitty for a wellness checkup along with your veterinarian no less than twice a 12 months to review the status of her health, but in addition to verify the range of movement in her joints, the muscle mass she is either gaining or dropping, and to make adjustments to her protocol as vital to ensure her quality of life is perfect.


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