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The Merits Of Waterjet Cutting

The waterjet cutting is normally a process that is controlled by the program of a computer. It is done by the material being placed on the table and the cutting is done across the material. Then the abrasive gets into the water with high pressure. The abrasive then is set into a tiny hole. The very high-speed stream of water is the one that accomplishes the cutting. The material wasted with this cutting is minimized by the small size of the stream. There exists other cutting machines with many heads that help save time. The advantages of waterjet cutting are so many. These advantages are explained below.

Almost all types of materials can be cut by the use of waterjet cutting. Stainless, carbon, and tool steels, copper, gold, granite and other many materials are the examples of the materials that can be cut with the use of the waterjet cutting. The matrials that can be cut can be of any thickness and size. Also the uneven and the stacked surfaced materials can be cut successfully with the use of the water cutting machine. Also very complicated shapes can be cut by the waterjet cutter. Hence it is advantageous to use.

The heating of the material is minimized with the use of waterjet cutting. This is because the heat won’t go up or change with the use of waterjet cutting as compared to other thermal cutting. This is because there is absorption of heat by water and this is what keeps the temperature constant. This is beneficial since no hardening of the material after the cutting is complete. Also other materials that can melt can be cut with the waterjet cutter.

Waterjet cutting is a very accurate technique that can be used in cutting materials. The accuracy of the waterjet cutting can be as small as 0.125mm. The level of the accuracy is still maintained even for the thicker materials. This is because the cutting needs the table stability and it has great control of te stream.

Also waterjet cutting can be done very quickly. Hence it is economical on time. This implies that it is not that expensive as compared to another machine such as the EDM. To set and program the machine , very less time and energy is needed.

Also waterjet cutting does not lead to environmental pollution. The gases that lead to environmental pollution are not produced during the process. The oils for cutting are not needed. It is even possible to use clean water to cut some material that can be dirtied.
When making perforations with the use of waterjet cuttings, the his are not made first like the other materials do. This is the reason why the waterjet cutting is prefer than any other cutting machine.

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