Think Inside the Basket

Giving a gift is a very personal thing, and it’s important that the recipient feels like you’ve taken time choosing one. Instead of going for something generic, think about a themed gift like a basket.

Seriously, Gift Baskets?

Yes! There’s a reason that companies have relied on executive gift baskets as go-to gifts: they’re fun to open. With a little bit of everything thrown into the mix, create a personalized gift basket for someone in your life using items that are special to them. What are their hobbies? Their interests?

Animal Lovers

Someone who loves cats, for example, would love a basket full of cat items. These might include cat toys and food, a themed coffee mug with coffee beans, that kind of thing. Use the same concept for whatever other animals they love.


What is their favorite color? Find that out first, then fill a basket with items only in that color. Still stuck? If someone loves yellow, pick out fun things like a pair of yellow flip-flops, pencils and other novelty items. You can also include foods and drinks like bananas and lemonade.


Anyone whose kitchen is their palace would love a cooking-themed basket. Things like cutting boards, fun gadgets and colorful measuring cups are the perfect almost-necessities for a foodie. A nice touch is giving a handwritten recipe on a recipe card and buying the ingredients for that dish.

Sports Teams

Football, baseball or basketball, sports fans all are very serious in the art of supporting their team. They can always do with more sportswear like t-shirts, keychains, and scarves to show their love for the team they claim. Giving a sports-themed basket is always a win for an avid fan.

Noticing an interest is a way to connect with somebody, and a themed gift basket is one way to do that. Identifying what makes someone happy can help you make giving a gift that much more special.


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