The Pet Behaviour Centre

Is your cat biting you or others at the most sudden instances? Zoe can collect a complete history from you, investigate the territory and send you a written report full with action plan which can hopefully profit both you and your cat and hopefully help with their drawback. Cats rub their flanks collectively to foster the family bond; your legs are just the best level he can reach.Cat Behaviour Training

Cats do appear more unbiased souls than canines, but people and cats have lived collectively for 1000’s of years. Introduce a scratching post as quickly as you presumably can, to allow them to get used to it and recognise it as their own merchandise – most have a seat on high for this objective, and to help your cat feel a bit of taller!

Go to the Cat Behaviour archives or use the search box. The scholars due to this fact haven’t any exposure to a behaviour that’s becoming extra widespread in society, neither have they got entry to the expertise which can take years of important coaching to realize.Cat Behaviour Training

If you happen to suppose this is the case, attempt providing one thing else to your cat to do, like feeding puzzles, toys to play with, or, even better, establish a playtime routine. Behaviours like wool-sucking, for instance, have been observed in some cats and are suspected to calm them down.

Understanding how your cat’s non-verbal communication differs from that of individuals and canines is a simple step you may take towards strengthening your bond. Anita Kelsey holds a first-class honours diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology (work based BA Hons) and runs a vet referral service devoted strictly to the prognosis and treatment of behaviour problems in cats.


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