Fairly just a few cat breeds boast a wild feline look: Norwegian Forest cats resemble big arctic feline predators; Pixie Bob cats look so much like American Bobcats; Abyssinian cats wear the wild agouti coat pattern with pride. Relationship again to 1966, the cat was incredibly uncommon as a result of delay in breeding it. The primary cat, Prune, died without throwing a litter. Following the tiny craze that canine breeds went by way of, the Teacup Persian looks like a kitten, whilst an grownup.

They love people and are usually very lively and playful. Scottish Folds are usually pleasant, cuddly cats, and do not thoughts other pets. Tying into the next breed on the record, odd-eyed bobtails are actually quite popular in Japan. The Oriental Shorthair is affectionate, playful and fast to purr.Unusual Cat Breeds

What is even more interesting about this breed is that as kittens, their ears are straight. These cats are identified for their fur, or lack there of. They are lined in down hair and often appear like they are losing their hair. Recognized as an official breed in 1966, the Ocicat, which resulted from matings of Siamese and American Shorthairs, appears to be like just like