Siamese cats, like most cats are very clean creatures. The knowledge you share will help many other cats. A yowling cat can frighten your bathing cat, making it more likely to scratch or panic. 5 Also, have at the very least two towels available for drying kitty when the time comes. Use a moist washcloth to identify clean when crucial.

You may also attempt to tire the cat out earlier than the bathtub by taking part in with it for a while. What did my mom use when my sister put gum in my hair so long ago? Ensure that the cat has good traction, such as a small towel or rubber mat within the tub, and that the bathe has a closing door, not a curtain, to forestall the cat from escaping.

Bathing your cat entails wetting him down from the back of the neck to his tail, avoiding his head, then lathering him up with shampoo. Put a terrycloth towel in the backside of your tub, so your cat can feel safe by sinking their claws into something that remains steady.

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