Stress Tips For Bathing And Grooming A Cat

Cats are extremely clean animals, however even the most fastidious cat will benefit from just a little help with grooming, particularly if they have long hair. In the wild, there are numerous big cats that actually enjoy being within the water. You could even toss the towel within the dryer for a couple of minutes to warm it up earlier than you begin the bathtub. Make separate bathing stations utilizing two buckets. I get a variety of requests from my clients and Mercola Wholesome Pets readers to display one of the simplest ways to wash a cat.

None of my kitties are declawed, so something else I’ll do to organize for bathtub time is give Enzo a nail trim. Giving your kitty treats as a reward for getting their nails trimmed will all the time make them really feel better and calmer. Simply as a reminder, having a helper is really helpful, as a result of whilst you can bathe your cat on your own, for those who’re unsure how she’ll reply it might get ugly.

When washing is over, towel-dry the animal as best you possibly can. Extreme bathing could remove protective oils from its fur, making it seem dull, and lowering the fur’s natural effectivity against the weather. Gently place some cotton in her ears to maintain the water out.

They’ll recognize a warmth supply (space heater or heat air vent) and a dry towel to sit on. With lengthy-haired cats, you will have to use a comb and more towels. Domestic cats could have evolved to dislike water as a result of most breeds have coats that take in quite than deflect moisture.

Preparing to wash your cat is as important as the precise bathtub. 1. Good timing: Schedule baths when your cat ‘s at her most mellow. Typically you can even brush your cat as a approach to distract them sufficient to allow their nails to be trimmed.


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