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Ways of Promoting a Good Relationship With Your Dog.

Human being’s long term friendship with dogs is always intact because dogs can communicate their intentions to us. A pet dog will give you the companionship you need at home and reduce loneliness even if the house is only shared by only you and the pet. Your dog simply loves you because you are its owner but you can get more if you improve the relationships you have with them. It is challenging to train your dog into fully trusting you but the following simple ideas will make the process of strengthening relationships easier.

One way of improving the relationship between you and your dog is by giving them enough attention. A dog’s owner is their best friend and the lack of attention from them is a sign of rejection for the dog. There are a lot of activities you can do to give some attention to your dog with examples of keeping the book you are reading down for some time and cuddle the dog when indoors or involving them in a fetch game when spending time outdoors. The relationship you share with your dog can be greatly improved if they learn that you love engaging into fun activities with them.

Dogs love company the same way we do. The time and experiences shared by individuals are the ones that build relationships. The loneliness that dogs experience when left home for a long time is very painful. It is advisable to take the dog with you whenever you expect to take too much time before coming back home. When visiting places that are not pets friendly, you can leave your dog under the care of your neighbor or ask them to check in after some time and give the dog a little companionship.

One way of appreciating your dog is through food. You can show your dog that you care by giving them healthy and tasty foods. Dogs will always try to borrow what you are eating even when they are not hungry. The best way to reward your dog is through pill treats for dogs as something extra from their daily meals instead of leftovers because foods like chocolate are dangerous to dogs. You should not be tempted to giving them these foods no matter how they try to trick you with their pleading eyes.

We all make mistakes and your dog is not an exemption. It is not advisable to always get angry and punish the dog when they do something wrong. We have to punish the dog sometimes for the sake of discipline but being too harsh to them can lead to unstable relationships with them due to their lack of trust in us. Your dog can easily learn the behaviors you like and those you dislike when you train them using simple but consistent communications.

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