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It is time for the canine’s tub! Preparing to bathe your cat is as important as the precise tub. 1. Excellent timing: Schedule baths when your cat ‘s at her most mellow. Generally you can even brush your cat as a solution to distract them enough to allow their nails to be trimmed.

Rinse the shampoo out of your kitty. Merely place a large plastic container within the backside of your bathtub. I don’t know what Enzo’s response will probably be because I’ve by no means bathed him. Use a gentle stream of water and hold the stress low. When bathing the cat remember to make use of warm water, it will be extra soothing and really feel nicer to the cat.

You can too attempt to tire the cat out before the bathtub by playing with it for some time. What did my mom use when my sister put gum in my hair so way back? Make certain the cat has good traction, corresponding to a small towel or rubber mat in the tub, and that the bathe has a closing door, not a curtain, to stop the cat from escaping.

I’ve by no means tried to bathe Enzo, so this shall be an awesome demo for these of you who’ll be trying to bathe your personal cat for the very first time. Place a rubber tub mat within the sink or tub the place you may be bathing your kitty so she doesn’t slip.

Use solely shampoo made specifically for cats. Her model is her very own Enzo, a rescued, once semi-feral kitty who has by no means been bathed. Remember to take them out at the finish of the bathtub. And please notice, in case your pet has long hair, you might have to fastidiously untangle her fur with a large-toothed comb.


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