Concern Of The Tub

Yes, cats might be bathed, and cat bathers can survive the method. Dip the cat in a bucket and, using a washcloth, ensure the cat is entirely moist. Then, massage a small quantity of cat shampoo all through their fur. Fleas will try to escape to the dry areas of the cat, which may mean a mass exodus of fleas to the pinnacle and face while you’re bathing.

When washing is over, towel-dry the animal as best you possibly can. Excessive bathing could remove protective oils from its fur, making it appear uninteresting, and lowering the fur’s pure efficiency in opposition to the elements. Gently place some cotton in her ears to keep the water out.

Use solely shampoo made particularly for cats. Her mannequin is her very personal Enzo, a rescued, as soon as semi-feral kitty who has by no means been bathed. Do not forget to take them out at the end of the tub. And please observe, if your pet has lengthy hair, you may need to fastidiously untangle her fur with a large-toothed comb.

If all else fails, take your cat to a reputable, skilled pet groomer or a veterinary hospital for grooming. You should have all of your provides laid out, a non-skid surface in place within the bottom of the sink or tub, and the water regulated at a comfortably warm temperature.

I’ve by no means tried to bathe Enzo, so this shall be an amazing demo for these of you who’ll be trying to bathe your personal cat for the very first time. Place a rubber tub mat in the sink or tub the place you’ll be bathing your kitty so she does not slip.


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