New Teeth

Dental implants are an option to consider if you have one, two or several teeth that are damaged beyond repair or if you have teeth that are no longer in the mouth. Find a reputable dentist Skokie office so that you feel comfortable about the procedure before making a final decision as to whether you want to get implants or if you want to explore other options.

The process begins by meeting with your dentist to discuss the health of your teeth and gums. The dentist will likely want to take an X-ray to look at the bone structure and to see if there are any issues with the remaining teeth in the mouth. Sometimes, an extraction might need to take place before implants can be placed. A model is usually made of the mouth so that the dentist can get the best idea possible about the structure of the jaws and the plates before any implant work is performed.

The process of putting the implants in the mouth is rather simple. It’s often done in the office, but you’ll be given medication so that you aren’t aware of what’s taking place. A small metal rod is put