Cat Bathing 101 Cat Knowledge 101

The preparation, previous to giving your dog a bath is sort of as important as the precise bathtub itself. It’s simpler to wash your cat if there are two folks concerned, especially in case your cat is somewhat sturdy and might kick and wriggle its method out of your hands. Solely allow your cat to play with this toy in the tub and it will inspire him to stay up for bathing, instead of fearing it.

Using your sink or a laundry basket/Rubbermaid tub in your bathtub, lay down a towel, non-slip tub mat, or perhaps a lower up yoga mat so your cat will not freak out as a result of a slippery surface. I’m going to get the tub ready first, including regulating the water temperature.

Rinse the shampoo out of your kitty. Merely place a large plastic container within the backside of your bathtub. I don’t know what Enzo’s response might be as a result of I’ve by no means bathed him. Use a mild stream of water and preserve the strain low. When bathing the cat remember to make use of warm water, it is going to be extra soothing and really feel nicer to the cat.

In the wild, there are many large cats that actually get pleasure from being in the water. You can even toss the towel within the dryer for a couple of minutes to warm it up earlier than you begin the tub. Make separate bathing stations utilizing two buckets. I get quite a lot of requests from my shoppers and Mercola Wholesome Pets readers to demonstrate the best way to wash a cat.

Rinse your kitty totally utilizing the water in the tub. If I ever wanted to wash an grownup cat again, I’d do it a lot in a different way. If they won’t help you preserve drying with the towels, respect that and stop. Give your cat a very good brushing to remove any loose hair and mats.


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