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A Simple Guide to Figuring Out What Vitamins Your Body Needs

Vitamins are one of the most important nutritional compounds that are of essence to the overall function of your body. Today, there are just a lot of vitamin supplements that you can choose from in the market. You do not even need to leave your home to purchase your daily dose of vitamin supplements as there are just a lot of online shops that sell them. This is not reason enough for you to be getting just about any vitamin supplements that you see. It is for your own good if you first find out about what kind of vitamins you are putting inside of your body through these vitamin supplements and if you really need them. This article will give you some vitamin facts and what function some vitamins have.

Before learning what the function of some vitamins are, you have to know that there are two major kinds of vitamins: the fat soluble ones and the water-soluble ones. The water-soluble vitamins that your body needs are nine vitamins. Your water-soluble vitamins act as coenzyme precursors for the enzymes needed for metabolism. These water-soluble vitamins are not stored permanently in your body. Your urine will be excreting them from your body.

One example of a water-soluble vitamin is what you call folic acid that aids in formation of red blood cells and protein. Folic acid is the essential vitamin supplement during pregnancy to aid in the development of the nervous system and brain of the baby. If during pregnancy, the mother does not get enough supply of folic acid, the baby might suffer from anencephaly or spina bifida. Before and during pregnancy, the woman must get enough supply of folic acid.

The most common example of a water-soluble vitamin is what you call vitamin C. Formation of collagen and maintenance of normal connective tissue are both given when you get vitamin C. You can easily get this particular vitamin on most skin care products if you do want to take them as vitamin supplements. Absorption of iron is also made possible with vitamin C. This vitamin is also an important anti-oxidant for your body. When you do not get enough vitamin C in your body, then you will become a victim of scurvy.

Good health can be better achieved with these essential vitamins in your body. There is more to vitamins than just learning what they are and how they help your bodily functions. If you think that you lack any of the essential vitamins that your body needs, then you better consume the vitamins out there that you need. When this seems impossible, good thing you have a great number of vitamin supplements that you can choose from.

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